About Minneapolis Recreation Development: “Love One Another”

Minneapolis Recreation Development Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that serves the homeless, poor, and disadvantaged families in the Twin Cities every night by providing food, clothing, personal care items, and on-the-street care and support. On any given night, there are an estimated 10,000 homeless people in the Twin Cities metro area, including 3,000 children under age 17. The primary focus of LOA is to feed, and provide emergency assistance to as many of them as possible.

LOA was founded in 1967 by Allan Law, a teacher in the Inner City Minneapolis Public School System for 32 years. Since its founding the Mission of MRD has been: "Love One Another" and the Guiding Principle is best captured in a quote by Hubert Humphrey: "Judge our society by how we care for our children and the disadvantaged." It began as an after school, weekend, and summertime program for Inner City Youth, but over the past 50 years the organization has grown and expanded in scope to include Three Core Programs. In 2018 MRD will serve over 100,000 people in urgent need, which is made possible by the incredible outpouring of both the time and resources of our donor community, and thousands of dedicated volunteers!

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